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Shipping Container Warranty

General Purpose/Dry Shipping Containers

Warranty Policy Details

Your container will arrive in watertight, rodent-proof, weather-proof, and corrosion free condition. Your container will remain watertight, weather-proof, rodent-proof and free from corrosion.

Our warranty policy covers:

  • the doors
  • walls
  • roof/ceiling
  • door rubber gaskets/seals
  • flooring

Your container will remain watertight and corrosion free for the duration covered by our Container Protection Policy. The plywood flooring will be in and the will remain in sound condition for the period of your protection policy.

Policy Requirements

Placement of the container must meet policy requirements to use warranty offer. Exact condition of your container will vary depending upon the grade of unit purchased.

Your container must be delivered/placed 1) elevated 3″ off ground, 2) on solid (cement or asphalt type of surface) or “prepared” ground for warranty to be in effect.

The walls, seals, roof and doors of your container are fully covered against any leakage, corrosion or puncture due to wear, weather/elements or age.

Your container flooring is also assured to be in good to brand new condition (depending on rating of container purchased) and covered against rotting or excessive chipping or deterioration.

Upon delivery, the container must be elevated a minimum of 3 inches at the columns to obtain the flooring portion of this warranty.

Policy Coverage

Upon purchase, every container we sell is in the above condition. Your container should remain in this condition for the length of your Container Warranty.

Container Warranty Does Not Cover Contents

Inspect your container upon delivery. Please note that the warranty only covers the structural integrity of the container and does not cover contents or cosmetic issues (such as dings/dents or surface rust). Please inspect your doors, floors and roof prior to using your container.

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